Monday, August 11, 2014

twelve brothers

I’ve been working the past week or so on this month’s assignment for Year of the Fairy Tale. We had a break over the summer. It was good. I came back fresh and excited to start the next story.

We did lots of research and sketching to get to this point. The final assignment was to sketch, add watercolor, dry brush white acrylic over that, add more watercolor for emphasis and then finish off with pencil and shadows.

I don’t normally work with a muted palette but I did tone it down a bit and settled on a nice earth tone palette.

Here is my solution for three parts of the story.

The 12 brothers are sent into the forest to wait news of the new child. If the flag is red, a signal that the baby is a girl, all the brothers were to be killed so that the kingdom will go to the Princess.

The Princess questions her mother on big laundry day…why are there so many shirts? This is how she learns of her brothers in hiding.

The Princess picks lilies for her brothers to surprise them. Unknowing that the flowers are her brothers and as she picks them, they turn into ravens.


  1. It's wonderful how you have created the fairy tale pictures. And it's very interesting to learn that you have used so many different kind of colors to color them in that magical way.

  2. I love this story and the fairy tale paintings you have done :-)

  3. Lovely illos. Why does the cottage look so sad? :-/

  4. Love the drawings that go with your fairy story. Annette x


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