Friday, August 15, 2014

we’re gonna need a bigger bed

Ok, so we don’t have anywhere near 10 cats. But most nights it feels that way.

At least once a week I tell my husband it’s time for a king-sized bed.

We used to kennel the dog at night and shut the door to keep the cats out.

But over time, the dog got to sleep in the bed more and more nights. And I find that a cat purring next to me is more potent than any sleeping pill there is.

So…for now, it’s crowded at night. Or maybe I should say, it’s cozy. Really, really, really cozy!


  1. Great illo! I vote for King Size too!

  2. it looks and sounds cozy ;-) Great idea to use a cat's purring as a sleeping cure ...

  3. What a delightful painting. I like the rag rug too.

  4. What a great illustration! Our 2 westies used to sleep in our bed but when we adopted the springer spaniel and the cat we decided it was time for them all to sleep in their own rooms at night-westies in the kitchen, springer in the living room and cat in the den-it's nice having the bed back to ourselves but I do being the westies in for the is lie in some mornings!

  5. Love your watercolor sketches! This one is a hoot.


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