Monday, July 14, 2014

fresh from the garden

I weeded the garden on Saturday. When I was done, I brought in a few friends with me.

Here is Zinnia and Salvia and Coneflower.

Another view of Coneflower with Miss Daisy. Daisies always seem to be female. To me, anyway.

Here is a Black-eyed Susan from the back side, with another Zinnia and Daisy.

Another view.

And another.

Here is a Wildflower. When I don’t know the name of something, it’s a Wildflower.

Here is a whole bunch of Wildflowers with a few Chives blossoms thrown in the mix. I think the little white flowers might be weeds. Or Wildflowers.

And here is one lone Sunflower.

And that’s what’s in the garden this week.


  1. Sue! Your flowers get more and more beautiful! I think you need to host an online class so I can learn from the master - YOU!

  2. {{{le sigh}}} Thanks for the garden tour. I totally enjoyed myself!

  3. Oh I just discovered your fun and whimsical art blog...took some time to read some of your previous posts. I garden and love flowers and so enjoyed seeing your beautiful doodles. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day.

  4. your flowers are so lovely!

  5. Well, your garden sure looks happy and colourful!

  6. such sweet flowers.. I love them


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