Wednesday, July 16, 2014

icad catch up

I’ve been keeping up with my daily ICAD.

Here is a weeks’ worth to catch you up on “what I ate” this past week.

Watermelon…I think I mentioned before that I could eat my weight in watermelon. Easily. This bowl…WAS my favorite…I broke it putting in the sink. It was a set of two. Now it’s a set of one.

Vino. I have a glass a week. Give or take a glass.

Pizza and beer. I have a bottle of beer a week. Give or take a bottle.

New recipe. This is my new favorite “salad to go”…it is yummy.

Cantaloupe. We are finally getting some good ones at the market.

I tried a new fruit this week. Champagne Mango. Now, I love mangos but this variety has the texture of butter. It was delish.

Tomato. I could eat these like apples! Ours are starting to ripen this week. So for a while, every meal will have tomatoes!! Which is ok with me.

Bon appétit ☺


  1. hello lovely summery designs and colors
    and real summer food ...
    Summers greet you Christiene.

  2. Now I feel hungry! Lovely to see your paintings for the week :-)

  3. Lovely week of food, {grin}......try as I might I do NOT like mangoes. (Our neighbor has a tree and keeps trying to make me like them.)

  4. nice to get a look at what you're eating ;-) Love the backgrounds....

  5. ohhhh, the watermelon! Pizza and beer! Mango! Watering mouth...


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