Thursday, February 13, 2014

face 13

I tend to go toward the “too little” side of the foo foo drink scale!!

I usually only drink on vacation. It’s not that I object to alcohol, it’s just that I don’t need the extra calories! But vacations are for splurging a little.

One drink makes me chatty.
Two drinks make me angry!
Three drinks … well, I’ve only tried this a few times, because I fall asleep. That’s no fun!
Four drinks … I’ll never know. Since I’m asleep after three!!

My husband says it’s either 1 or 3, since all I want to do after 2 drinks is argue!!


  1. LOL Alchohol mostly gives me hot flashes now....... :(
    Your lady is lovely. I guess having a drink agrees with her!

  2. More than one drink and I'm asleep, lol

  3. No argueing (?) the fact that this is a cool face. Again!

  4. I like wine, and beer. And in doses higher than 3 - but only on occasion! More beautiful faces and hats. It's a pleasure seeing your challenge posts.

  5. Very true words. Now getting the balance right, that's the thing. Another very elegant drawing.

  6. You are funny - I get sleepy after two drinks. I always tell Corey that he's lucky he got such a cheap date for a wife!

  7. Oh, I love that quote! And great how you did the background too! Had to laugh with your description of what drinking does to you ;-)


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