Wednesday, February 12, 2014

face 12

Window shopping … you can’t have too many hats!

Changed out the background today. I was getting tired of the “junk mail” collage so I took a break!


  1. Oh Du bist so fließig wie eine Biene! You are as busy as a bee! Incredible how you are doing this stunning "faces-production"!
    The one with the blue birds made me smile! And I love the elegant hat of this lady today!

  2. Nice switch up! (It will look good in the collage at the end of the month.)

  3. Very Cool. I like your window shopping one! I can't believe you are on Day #12 already. It sure goes by fast, doesn't it.
    I've been s l o w l y working on my Princess and Frog/Mouse! Really trying to catch up!! I think my dilemma is that I keep changing my mind and starting over :) ...

  4. I love it! Wonderful design. Terrific series of hats and great background.

  5. Fabulous! Love your minimalism on this one.

  6. Your art for this challenge has been like an awesome old catalog. LOVE it!


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