Monday, December 30, 2013

a year in review

This will be my last post for this year. My grandson is here for a visit, so I’m not spending much time in the studio.

I think this happened to me last year. I get to a point where I can’t think of what to draw next. The Muse is out of town, I guess.

Does this happen to you?

Last year, I found a video that got me started on 30-Day Challenges. It was fun to pick a new topic each month. I was always pleased at the end of the month to see what I’d produced, you know?

I did spend a while today and reviewed 2013.

In January, I worked on some thumbnails for a short story I had kicking around in my head. (Which I STILL haven’t finished!!)

February was 29 Faces challenge. I do think I’ll do that again!!

March was fun. I did a month of flowers!!

In April, I worked on a few short stories and illustrated them.

For May…I drew “stuff I ate.” Always one of my fAvoRite things to draw!

In June and July, I participated in Index-Card-A-Day. Very fun!

In June, I lost my dear cat, Abby. I still miss her. Such a sweetheart.

August was filled with doodles of stuff around the house. It was too hot to draw anything outdoors.

September was a slow month…I just concentrated on my journal but didn’t post much. That was the month we adopted a new kitten and a dog. The house just got too lonely without a pet around.

October was full of cat doodles.

November was Art Every Day Month. This was the first time I’d participated in that. I did 30 drawings of Stuff About Me. It either bored you or helped you to get to know me better. A toss up.

December was full of dog doodles. As I sit and type this, I hear the constant squeak, squeak, squeak of her favorite toy. I hate that toy. Why did I buy it?? What was I thinking?

So that was 2013. I have a day or so to figure out what to concentrate on in 2014. Any ideas??


  1. I just love your cheerful paintings! I'd like to concentrate on actually doing some of the writing I have in my head! BTW, I love your sunflower, too. I finally needed a change from the old banner art! I love the "face" challenges. I'm also trying to get myself to figure out what I want to do with art "for real". What am I preparing for? But mainly to just love doing it for the sake of doing it. Have a great year!

    1. i have some stories in my head, too. just can't seem to get them on paper. at least not in a cohesive way…..oh, well.

  2. It sure has been a treat watching you create this year!! Can't wait for 2014!

  3. It's nice to look back and see we really did accomplish something in the past year! You were very productive! If it makes a difference I enjoyed getting to know you better with your 'Stuff About Me' series!
    I can’t decide what to do in 2014 either……..

    1. i'll have to do some more "stuff about me"…those are fun little drawings to do.

  4. Euhhh... things you use for transport? A once-a-month-view outside your window?The different frontdoors in your street? Wish for you many new, fun projects in the new year!

  5. Love your recap for 2013. I too love your Stuff About Me. I always have problems decide what to doodle. You have great ideas, I just might have to steal some from you for this year. I will try to work harder. Love your style.

  6. This review post is wonderful! I love it so much as you have always a central idea connecting your artwork. So for me everything seems to belong to a little lovely story. I wish I could do something like this as well, but I am not sure if I will be able to do this. I'm always jumping from A to P and back to F and then to Z ... well it's somehow difficult for me to stick to a central idea. I tried this 30 day challenge you introduced last year because I loved it but my experience told me I should better start with 10 day challenges. ;) I am looking forward to your posts in 2014!

    1. i know what you mean about jumping around from project to project. Even though I did pretty well last year in keeping up, i had several other projects abandoned half-way through. It's not easy staying focused!!


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