Tuesday, December 13, 2016

creative tuesdays :: gingerbread house

Gingerbread House is the theme this week at Creative Tuesdays. Thanks to Michael for hosting.

I’ve never made a REAL gingerbread house before. I’m sure it would be a huge fail. I’d probably end up just eating the crumbs of destruction! They taste just as good, right!?

I’ll stick with two-dimensional gingerbread houses for now!


  1. You do a good job with 2 dimensional ones, love this!

  2. frosting and colorful candies - perfect for a gingerbread house. I like the candy canes path.

    have a lovely day.

  3. very nice :)

    i've made a few gingerbread houses, more trouble then they are worth to tell the truth. stick with gingerbread men, still get to decorate and eat candy :p

  4. I'm with you! Yours is adorable. :D

  5. Yes, 2d houses are maybe a little easier but one can;t eat them afterwards! Hahah, maybe that is a good thing, judgin how these trees look like they would have been made of sweets dunked in marshmallow? Yum! I just love your interpretation. Great job, Sue, and thank you so much for getting this done in time!

  6. This is fantastic (and I'm crazy about the pattern in your sky)! I love the expression "crumbs of destruction", by the way... You paint pictures with words as well as watercolor!

  7. This is really fabulous! Never had a gingerbread house - I'd never want to eat it and destroy all that hard work..

  8. Your ginger bread house is one of the cutest I have ever seen :)

  9. I agree with Stefanie Stark - Cutest Ginger Bread House!
    Grandma Nancy in central IL


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