Sunday, November 13, 2016

sunday sketches :: flower girl

I’ve been in a funk lately. Not really in the mood to paint. Hope this won’t last long.

I’ve been doing a little writing. Very little.

And this little doodle. And not much else.

Just wanted to stop in and say “hello” even though I don’t have much to share this week. Hopefully I will snap out of it soon!

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  1. So cute . . . you made me smile :)

  2. nice sketch :) hopefully the art block passes soon, when it happens it can be so frustrating :)

  3. This is so cute, glad you got it done, and hope you get your mojo back real soon!

  4. I hear ya! :( In a funk myself with drawing. This too shall pass.

  5. You are so good at conveying feelings with s a simple illustration.

  6. You made also me smile with this cute illustration. No it was more than smiling, I laughed out loud. I'm thinking of printing it and find a good position on my desk in the office to present it to the visitors who interrupt me while I'm busy working. Especially in the morning ...

  7. Well you say you haven't much to share but your cute doodle made me smile and isn't that the best... to make someone smile :D
    I know exactly how you are feeling... it often happens to me. I hope you find your mojo soon, but in the meantime your doodles are adorable!

  8. I like the sketch a lot. I think it's good to take time off sometimes. I hope you feel better.


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