Saturday, October 29, 2016

sunday sketches :: busy witch

Getting ready for Halloween here. I told my husband to hide the chocolate and he took me seriously. I’ve been looking for it all day!!

You might remember this drawing from earlier this year. I wanted to put more of a story behind the little girl cleaning her room. Who would have a broom? A witch! Why is she cleaning? Maybe she’s not your typical witch! Well, obviously that’s true. Her favorite color appears to be purple instead of black.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Please be sure to visit Sunday Sketches.

Now…back to the chocolate hunt! It has to be here somewhere!


  1. Happy Halloween! Sweet sketch for the occasion!

  2. A witch's work is never done! :D I love your illustrations, so much to look at!

  3. Oh yes, there's a story behind every sketch, painting etc. And, this one told the story without words.

  4. Even witches mothers make them clean their rooms before they get to go out flying. This is so cute.

  5. I love your little witch. I wish she's come and clean my house as it is a tip.

  6. This is really cool :) you made me laugh out loud when I read about your chocolate hunting. I assume the enchanting little cleaning witch had probably an urgent need for chocolate? It's great to see the "before and after" of this adorable bedroom!

  7. Delightful illustration and I love the colours, especially the purple. :)

    Any luck finding the chocolate? hehe

  8. I like that she likes purple instead of black, it's unique. quite a cute drawing with all the wonderful details. I like the at under the carpet.

    have a lovely day.

  9. Cuuuute! Hope you found the chocolate!


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