Sunday, July 3, 2016

sunday sketches :: watermelon

It’s watermelon season here.

That’s something you should know about me. I don’t mark seasons by the change in weather but by food! And I love summer foods especially! (But I’ll say that again when it’s cold and “soup season!”)

In this pic, my little girl is ready for the 4th of July with her Red, White and Blue outfit (and little pup, too!)

Posting this to Sunday Sketches. Be sure to stop by for a visit and see who else is participating this week!


  1. What a great cute painting, it portrays summer beautifully.
    I can almost feel the heat which is pretty amazing as our weather here in Bonnie Scotland is not the least bit summery just now.
    Enjoy your 4th July celebrations and I hope you have great creative week ahead.

  2. cute piece! I should get me some watermelon!

  3. Love her little outfit and the wagging tail! The dog looking up hopefully is so typical when food is around. Really cute.

  4. Oh she is adorable! I love it!
    I found you through the Sunday Sketches and see that you are in NW Arkansas! That is where I am also. :)

  5. PERFECT! Just right to illustrate the 4th! :D

  6. Absolutely beautiful and the expressiveness in both sweet characters! That watermelon looks yummy! I am in love with that little dog!
    Wonderful art
    Visiting from Sunday Sketches
    Victoria #11

  7. She is absolutely adorable. I LOVE everything about this precious sketch. Your little girl with her watermelon and doggie make me feel happy all over. genie


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