Friday, July 1, 2016

it’s july already!!

Some flowers for you on this hot, sunny weekend!

We are gearing up for Independence Day here.

To most people in the U.S., this means cookouts and picnics and fireworks and a long weekend of fun with friends.

At our house, it is a weekend of cats hiding under the bed and a dog that quivers like a lump of Jell-O every time someone sets off a firecracker.

And our neighborhood has lots of kids (and adults) who love to light firecrackers all weekend long -- even though it is illegal until the 4th.

Oh, well, I remember how fun it was, so I won’t complain. It’s only once a year. We just turn on the TV or radio extra loud and try to drown out the pops from outside.


  1. Beautiful flowers, love the blue shadow too. Happy July 4th!

  2. I hear ya! Our Golden used to HATE the fireworks and because of that I resented the neighbors for shooting them off. The cat just hid for days. Lovely flowers, BTW! :D

  3. Our neighbors shoot them off for the rest of the summer. Usually about 10 p.m. when I need to be up early the next morning. Sheesh! Happy 4th! :)

  4. That is a beautiful summer bouquet! Wished it was hot and sunny here too! Hope the cat and dog don't get too distressed ...


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