Friday, September 25, 2015

flowers are fading fast

Summer is coming to an end here. Not so much that it’s getter cooler, it’s not! But the days are shorter and the flowers are starting to shrivel up.

I spent some time in the garden this week trying to find any “pretty” flowers left to paint. There were a few, most of the plants just need to be deadheaded. Or plucked from the ground entirely.

I much prefer the planting season of spring to the clean up season of fall!! (I should probably go back and reread any posts from springtime. I probably said the opposite then!)

Either way, here is a painting of a few flowers that haven’t died. Yet.


  1. They still look beautiful! And they'll never fade...if you keep them out of the sunlight. lol.

  2. Had to chuckle at your post, we're just getting our first Gerber daisy of the season! :) (as always.....{{{swoon}}} at your flowers!)

  3. I love this painting. What type of paper did you paint on? Love the vibrancy of this one. :)

    1. Most of the time I use Arches or Kilimanjaro (140 lb). This one was a quick 6x8 inch painting where I used cheap Hobby Lobby paper!!

  4. oh, the bright colours of this make me happy.... And make me long for spring .....


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