Saturday, August 22, 2015

this week

I finally managed to finish two more drawings for my Joey story. I painted these two at the same time so I could make the colors match on the desks and the walls.

Even though I make notes about colors I mix, they don’t always come out the same.

Browns are hard. Most times I mix Sap Green and Alizarin Crimson. Then I throw in some Quin Gold or maybe a touch of blue. A little of this and that. Pretty soon, I have the perfect shade of brown but I forgot how I made it!

Of course, I could just buy “brown” paint!! But I like to do things the hard way ☺

These two photos are from an assignment we did at Year of the Spark. They are called Threaded Thoughts. I made a list of “things” I do in my studio.

The example we were shown in class was machine stitched together. I have two sewing machines but neither is in good working condition. Every time I sew anything, there is lots of swearing involved!

So I found a different solution to piece them together.


  1. These little tidbits of your book have piqued my interest! (and I know EXACTLY what words come out when sewing…..)

  2. Love the drawings for your story! :)
    I also have a story in my mind, just have
    to learn how to draw and paint, because
    I would love to illustrate it myself just like
    you do :)
    And I like the threaded thoughts, looks
    very pretty. And I also know about the
    words ;)

    Have a beautiful week!


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