Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ink faces

Did a couple more faces over the weekend.

What I like about doodling faces like these is that I never have to sit down to a blank sheet of paper.

Drawings like this take me a couple days to complete. I just start adding ink to a different section of the drawing and keep going.

I don’t like this “face” as well as some of the others. I got the perspective off a bit but I do like some of the patterns going on.


  1. The patterning is awesome. You have patience!

    1. Patience? Not sure about that. I just know there is nothing on TV worth watching!! So I spend my time doing this instead :)

  2. I prefer drawing from watching tv also :))
    In fact, I do not own a tv set :D
    Love the first one for it's prettiness and
    the second one for the great patterns :)

    Möwe (rushing through, have not time;)


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