Wednesday, April 8, 2015

my novel

Not really a novel but you’d think it was considering the amount of time I’ve spent on it. I have been thinking, doodling, drawing, painting, rethinking, redrawing, rewriting, repainting a children’s book for about 5 years now.

My problem is that I can never finish it to my satisfaction. I’m not sure I ever will!!

So for now, I’ve decided to just finish the drawings (I’ve been working on a 32-page template). Then when I finish the drawings I may do a self-publish to see what I think of it.

Here is one of the drawings. My goal is to do one or two drawings/paintings per week.

It’s not like I want to be a rich and/or famous children’s book author/illustrator. I just have other books in my head. I need to get those out of my head and onto paper. But I want at least ONE book done before I start the next project.

Hopefully it won’t take 5 years for each one! If anyone has any words of wisdom for me, I would welcome it!!


  1. Yes please, absolutely do it!!!! This is such a wonderful idea and I will of course buy one or more of your book. I love your style, your ideas, your colors, your characters etc ... and I think putting all this together in a picture book surrounded by a little story will be such a great treasure! I do not have any wisdom words. I wrote a novel a few years ago over 600 pages and I even finished it but no publisher was interested and I was really disappointed for months. But since around one year I can hear an inner voice uttering I should try it again ... well ... I'm not quite sure but recently and unintentionally I bought a good book about how complex writing can be done without fear. I like it. I also bought a new notebook for some first drafts ... the pages are still blank but blank pages have such an enormous potential ;) - my experience was similar to yours thinking, investigating, writing, rethinking, rewriting for 10 years ... it's not easy but if there is an inner voice you have to follow it as otherwise you will probably regret some time if you never tried it. Good luck!!!!!!

    1. thank you stefanie for your encouragement!! i will definitely let you know when I publish so you can buy a copy :)

      it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my desire to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper!! i hope someday to read your book!!

      you're right, we have to follow that inner voice!!

  2. Go for it! My novel is still in outline form with a jumble of notes. I'm rooting for you to get it finished! :)

  3. We are all rooting for you to finish it and waiting (impatiently) in line to buy a copy or two, or three, or four……. :)


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