Monday, February 2, 2015

face #2

Here is (a horrible likeness of) Douglas Fairbanks.

You would never in a million years guess that THIS GUY was such a heartthrob, would you? Well, not from this wonky drawing!!


  1. Wow!! I like Your lively lines and brave drawings. The first one was very good, too.

  2. Charming faces both of, and I like your style, it's brisk and dynamic.
    forgive my English is incomplete

  3. Oh, I love love love love these!! I've never used "real" people for my oneliners, but you've given me an idea now! Oneliners are so much fun :-)

  4. Wonderful! Douglas looks so happy!!

  5. This is fantastic! Did you do this without looking, like a blind contour, or with your eyes wide open? I love how totally playful it is. There's real joy in it. (Also, I'm just a huge fan of the wonky. Always.)

    1. I leave my eyes open for these doodles. I do sometimes get lost in the photo though ... which is why they are really wonky!!

  6. such a fun and happy face, love your colors and lines


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