Monday, January 12, 2015

room with a view

I wanted to get outside and sketch over the weekend but that didn’t happen. It was too cold, too rainy, too sleety…just plain yucky!

Instead I drew the view from my studio. It’s not much…just a view of our side yard. I do like having a window though.

Sometimes a squirrel runs along the top of the fence. In spring and summer, the trees are so pretty.

But this time of year, I like the patterns and lines that I see when I look out.

Now back to hibernating ☺


  1. You captured this view very well! :)

  2. I like your view. Or is it that I like your sketch of your view? Either way! :)

  3. It's remarkable how you have illustrated all the details. The blinds, the handle and the fence and the branches of the trees ... and the colors are lovely too. It looks like a picture from my beloved old primer I had in school. By the way we have decided for a color called "pineapple" for our bedroom wall. I will post some photos as soon as we will have finished the refurbishing project. Probably it will take a few more weeks ...


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