Tuesday, July 8, 2014

gardens view and a new kitty

The evenings are hot but bearable so I did some quick sketches in the backyard.

Here is Chauncey, the garden gnome. The birdbath is ringed with daisies…which need to be deadheaded. That’s on my To Do list.

Do you like my sticks? I saw this idea on Pinterest so I painted up some branches and “planted” them here and there.

Birdbath #2 is in the herb garden. I have to fill both of the baths at least twice a day. The birds use them a lot and sure know how to splash all the water out!

I’ve started doodling more of these cats…hopefully I’ll find time this week to put them on watercolor paper and start painting.


  1. The kitties would make wonderful cards! (Yes, I like your sticks very much!)

  2. I do like that stick idea - had not seen it before. And I like the idea of having another birdbath in my own garden. Mine is so shallow, if I don't fill it daily the birds come looking and are disappointed.


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