Monday, June 30, 2014

popsicle, cookie, margarita and a burger

You know, looking at my collection of ICADS so far, you’d never know that I eat healthy food. Really, I do try.

I just happen to pick my favorite sweet treat to draw for the day.

I mean, drawing a salad might be nice. Once. But seeing it every day wouldn’t be very exciting. Am I right?

So, I hope you enjoy seeing these drawings here. I sure enjoyed consuming them!!


  1. I'll be right over for dinner! ;)

  2. well, my mouth sure starts watering when I visit here .. ;-)

  3. Nice draws, congratulations! :D

  4. With this post you are inspiring me to branch out with my doodling. I looked at that Popsicle and thought "even I could draw a popsicle" on my notepad while talking on the phone. I've got Popsicles on the brain right now, and none in the freezer!

    1. yes!! I am a firm believer that anyone can draw! it's just lines and circles, then you hook them all together :)


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