Wednesday, May 14, 2014

this is how I feel

This is not my artwork. My grandson drew this when he was about 4 years old.

He used to draw things in the car, then lift them up for me to see in the rearview mirror. He drew this on a piece of junk mail and I just love it.

He told me it was a “man in electricity.”

I’m sure this is a phenomenon that takes place in super hero movies. I don’t know. I just like it because there are days when I feel like this!

Today is one of those days. I discovered that my studio had sprung a leak over the weekend while I was gone.

Well, not the room itself but a drainpipe that runs through the attic ABOVE the room. So, for the next few days I have a series of repairmen in and out of my studio.

It’s a real mess in there. More than usual.

I mean, I could paint and draw ANYWHERE in the house but that’s my spot, you know! I will be glad when everything is back in order. I need my space back!

So, in the meantime, I’ll try to sneak in a doodle here and there. When I’m not busy shelling out money for repairs. (We have insurance but, of course, the total amount will be just under the deductible amount. Goodbye summer vacation!!)


  1. Oh man! Sorry about your art studio! And your summer vacation! (What's a summer vacation?!? Ha, ha!) Hope you find a quiet corner where you can draw. ;)

  2. Oh, I know that feeling! :( I also know the part about the cost of the repair being just under the deductible.... :(

  3. Hope you're back in your studio soon! (I hit 'enter' too soon! LOL)

  4. NO!! That's the pits! I think your grandson's picture represents your feelings perfectly. Hope the repairs are done soon!

  5. Oh no that's a shame about your studio-i hope none of your work was ruined? Very annoying about the insurance-that's sod's law. I swear insurance is the biggest legalised extortion racket ever! Your grandson's picture sums your post subject up perfectly!

  6. oh wow, a drawing like that is really all that's needed to express what you're feeling I guess. Sorry to hear about your studio, hope the repairs will be quick and easy and that you'll have your studio back in no time.

  7. Oh no, good luck with the repair work! Don't let that keep you from doing art. :) Your grandsons picture is amazing, it has such a tense atmosphere!


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