Monday, May 19, 2014

little red riding hood

Well, my studio hasn’t been repaired yet but the drip has been stopped and it’s dry. So I carved out a space where I could play.

Life is good!

I worked on my assignment for this month’s fairy tale. We were to draw some thumbnail sketches, either for book layout (32 pages) or magazine layout (12 pages).

It’s to help you think about not only the drawing, but also where the text will be.

Here are a few sketches using only blue paint so I could do a value study, too.

Next came the painting assignment. I struggled because it was a new technique. And not watercolor!!

First, you use an oil pastel, cover the paper with black and rub it in. Then paint (with a palette knife) over the pastel using white or off-white acrylic. Let it dry a bit, but not too much, then scratch out the paint until you see the black underneath. You could add color after.

It seems simple but I messed up a few before I got these.

Here is Grandmother giving Red her Hood.

This one is Red gathering flowers for Grandmother in the forest.

Here is the Big Bad Wolf after he's eaten Little Red. Cats I can draw. Wolves I can’t. But it was fun to try something new.

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  1. I think it's great! Stretch those creative muscles!


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