Monday, April 21, 2014

hours of entertainment

The perspective on this drawing is a little wonky but I was trying to show how Lily LOVES to drink from the faucet!!

Well, both of the cats like to actually.

Sometimes I turn on the bathtub…just a drip…so I can have the sink all to myself and brush my teeth!!

They will both sit in the bathtub and wait very patiently for the next drop to drip!! It doesn’t take much to entertain them!!


  1. Great capture...I love it when cats entertain themselves like this, looks so cute.

  2. I can just picture that! LOL Thanks, that gave me a giggle!

  3. The drawing brings a smile to ones face! And the story... i can already see them sitting and waiting. Our neighbours'cat has 4 kittens now. The neighbour already 'reserved' one for us. I hope in a couple of weeks my husband will be happy with that too...

  4. Haha, I can just see it ... Love the crazy things cats do ....


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