Sunday, February 2, 2014

some stuff going on around here

  • Here is face #2. I’m having fun playing with my Pantone markers…I have 11 shades of gray. These are leftover from graphic design school. I don’t use them much anymore. I’m surprised they aren’t all dried up!
  • It’s snowing outside today. Darn that Groundhog!
  • We have FINALLY achieved world peace. Well, not world peace but in our house at least we have peace. The dog got a snootful of cat claws, so there is finally respect for the kitties! We’re not “getting along” so much as “staying out of each other’s way.” I’ll take that.
  • I did a thumbnail size doodle every day in January. I drew 1”x1” squares and did a doodle every morning while waiting for my computers to boot up. 

  • I visited a lot, but not all, of the 29 Faces yesterday. More later.
  • I’m going to make myself a latte and go hibernate in the studio.
  • Later, I’m going to eat soup and watch the Super Bowl (commercials only). I don’t care much about football. Well, I don’t care AT ALL actually. (Does anyone watch Colbert Report? I’ve been enjoying the stories this week for Superb Owl…he cracks me up!!)
  • Happy Sunday ☺


  1. I'm so glad to discover your blog through the 29 Faces challenge. I love the colorful work you do and, of course, I'm a big lover of kitties as well.

  2. Nice Face #2. Enjoyed the War and Peace story of cat and dog! Same here on football. I will try to catch the commercials.

  3. I love kitties too - and markers! :)) Lovely work!

  4. Hee hee - I was impressing my husband with a bit of football banter the other day - I didn't bother to tell him that all my info came from the Superb Owl!
    I don't have any Pantone markers but have nine colors of gray Copic markers! You win!

  5. Nothing like a well placed kitty claw to make your point! ;)

  6. just fabulous!
    How nice to meet you !

  7. So glad to see you are participating again! I love your new style of ladies, looking forward to what else you'll come up with. Those inchies are such a great idea, lovely to see your month in review like that!

  8. Love your ladies wearing hats.

  9. Love this! I just love the collage style here with your portrait. Really cool!

  10. She reminds me of a Downton Abbey girl. Love that show!!!!!
    I like your 1 inch doodles, too....what a fun way to pass the boot time!
    Yes! I love the Colbert Report! He is really funny.

  11. Threes are so good. 11 shades of grey-hmm sounds like part of a novel! I wish we could get peace between the four legged ones in our house. The cat is still relegated to the garage and is a military operation every evening to bring her into the sun room for a little reiki and relaxation with me while the dogs are secreted in the living room with Steve. She takes advantage of the time to sleep in their bed which drives them mad when they smell her in it later. She could take them one on one but I fear they'd gang up on her!


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