Saturday, February 1, 2014

better late than never…face #1

I had so much fun today playing in the studio! I nearly ran out of daytime to scan and post.

I got this idea in my head that I would draw faces with fancy hats for this year’s 29 Faces. Sort of a cross between “Downton Abbey” and Panem in “Hunger Games.” After I drew this face, I decided she looked like a city girl so drew the background separately. I think I’ll try and do this type of thing all month.

We’ll see how it goes.

And today…being February 1…a new lesson came out for Year of the Fairy Tale. My alarm cats woke me up early, so I watched the new videos in my jammies!! I spent the day doodling ideas for the next assignment.

These are two ideas from the first part of the assignment. The story is The Princess Frog so I’m trying to make my princess and frog resemble each other a little bit.

So I made her cloak like the frog’s skin. Her hair is supposed to have the same shape as the frog’s eyes. Then I carried over the red bangs to the frog’s head as well.

This may not be my final princess…I have drawn at least 50 different ones! And as many frogs! It’s so hard to decide on who to pick!!

Thank goodness for basketball season. My husband is in front of the TV and I can squeeze in extra time painting and doodling.

See you tomorrow for face #2.


  1. Both of these are really cute.

  2. While I like the lady in the hat because I love hats, I am really in love with the frog and the princess. Beautiful work.

  3. Good face for day #1! I especially love the little princess you created! :)

  4. Sue - LOVE that you are doing fancy hats - so cool! that background paper is awesome!

    I'd love to see all your princesses! This one is darling and your frog/girl is so cute. . .

  5. Your hat lady is great, but oh my... the princess and the frog are fantastic!! No idea how the other sets are but I love these two!

  6. Very cool take on 'the faces'! classmate! ♥♥♥

  7. Oh my gosh, I am such a fan of fancy hats (and have done many recently myself). You've made a great hat and I love the cityscape. Your princess is adorable with her bright red hair and cape.

  8. Oh My Gosh!!! Your Face #1 is totally WONDERFUL!!! I love it and I love the hat!! What an awesome story of how you created this one. Would love to see more hats!!! Can't wait.

    Your frog and princess are ADORABLE! (I am a tad behind with the lessons. Am hoping to catch up tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me.)

    Have a Super Wonderful Weekend.

  9. Love your city girl and the back ground worked so well with her.
    Your princess and frog looked great too. Love the frog's red bangs.

    I joined in the 29 Faces. Not sure if I was a bit late posting for the 1st day. I'll see if I can keep up.

  10. Great drawings - love them! :)

  11. Oh, hats! I look forward seeing your spring collection!

  12. The lady with the hat..! She looks so pretty, and I very much like the paper you used, it adds something to the background. Good thing your husband is in front of the tv... you would not want your artwork causing any problems for your marriage... ;)

  13. oooh, I like the hairdo idea to connect the characters!


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