Monday, December 2, 2013

what’s in your wallet?

One last sketch (for now) of doodles Stuff About Me.

During December, I will probably not be posting as often as I have been. Need to recharge myself a bit.

That and CLEAN UP my studio.

I have so many half done drawings and paintings and projects (OH MY). I plan to finish them up and post them as I go. It will be sort of like leftovers in the fridge…a bit of everything this month ☺


  1. That's amazing to still have your library card! I still have some old report cards and it's always fun to read the teachers' comments.

    Did you recently add new drawings/images here at your blog on the right side? Just noticed that adorable Alarm Cat drawing 'stuff about me'! WAY TOO CUTE! Love it.

    Have a Wonderful Week.

    Good luck with cleaning up your studio!

    Me, too - a definite must on the to do list!

  2. Ah my wallet only has the usual boring stuff ... I don't have a physical library card but I have an eCARD. I have been borrowing and listening to audio fiction books. When I was working I rented them for my LONG commute. Now I get them for free from the library.

  3. Looking forward to the leftovers! :)
    Speaking of wallets, I just bought a new one. I'd better go get moved in!
    Have a great December!
    (I still have a "regular" library card, though I don't use it as much now that the kids are grown. I've been buying way too many books on Amazon!)

  4. I'm looking forward to your 'leftovers' too! ♥

  5. I know what you mean about recharging .... It takes a lot to blog (almost) every day. I'm so behind in all my administration it's not even fun anymore ;-) Libraries ... I think I must've started going there too around that age. I LOVE libraries, I can spend hours there, and as a kid it was my favorite place to be.


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