Monday, December 9, 2013

let sleeping dobby lie

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing doodles of Dobby dog and collecting them in a small book.

Here is a cover I made for the book.

I didn’t like the painted background I had, so I cut her out and glued her to some scraps (junk mail, old book page, grocery bag).

This is her position about 80% of the day!! I have lots of sketches just like this!


  1. This is lovely Sue, hope we get to see more of your sketches.

  2. Love this and the collaged background!

  3. It’s a tough life but somebody has to do it! Great sketch.

  4. This illustration looks phantastic! I love the background! And I wish I could sleep there together with Dobby ... there is currently so much work I have to do in my day job. Always before christmas everybody goes crazy in the office and I'm looking forward to the holidays so much.


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