Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i remember...

Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about? Maybe this was just a regional thing. I don’t know.

We used to buy packs of gum and use the wrappers, fold them up and make long chains. I had one 25 feet long. Maybe longer than that. Lots and lots of wrappers.

Nowadays, you can’t find gum in packs with wrappers. They all come in plastic containers. No fun.


  1. I dont remember this but it sounds like a fun thing for kids to do, I know I would have done it. Makes for a great, colourful painting too:)

  2. I remember gum wrapper chains. I never made one 25 ft long! Guess I didn't chew that much gum. ;-)

  3. I remember those gums but not the gum wrapper chains. Looks like fun. And for a 25 ft long one .... phew, you must've been chewing ALL the time! ☺


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