Sunday, May 27, 2018

just doodling

Enjoying a nice long weekend. Well, sort of. Friday was “run errands day.” Saturday was “clean closets day.” Today is “play day.” Tomorrow will be back to more chores. But it’s been nice sleeping in a bit. I usually get up at 5:00 so 7:00 a.m. is luxury!

Lately, I find that I have all sorts of ideas of things to draw when I’m at work or otherwise busy. Then when I have the time to sit down and draw … nothing is there!

Today I gathered up a bunch of little critters from around the house. At least I felt a little productive just letting these doodles spill out of the pen!

It’s been a bittersweet weekend. Fourteen years ago this weekend, I moved to Arkansas when I married my husband. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t wish I could go back and do it all over again. I miss him every day.

Yesterday I finally cleaned out his clothes closet and took most of it to Goodwill. (I saved a few of my favorite shirts.) He’s been gone over a year now and every time I started to clean it out, I, well, I just couldn’t do it.

Now, it’s done. It always used to make me sad to see all of his clothes in the closet. Now, I’m sad that they are gone. Sigh.

I did have a wonderful dream about him last night. It was very real and I could feel him hugging me. That little voice in my head thinks that he’s telling me it was ok to give away his clothes for someone else to use. He was very practical that way. I imagine he would have said, “Sue, they are just shirts. Let them go!!”

I miss that guy.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

my happy place

Some people go to a beach or a mountain when escaping to that happy place in their mind. Mine happens to be a bookstore. Usually the bargain bookrack in the corner!! Ahhh. It’s a wonderful little spot. Quiet and so relaxing! And full of half-priced art books ☺

This week has been such a mix. First, we had spring, then we had winter, then we had spring again. Now we are having a lovely rainy weekend. I think spring is here to stay. Lord, I hope so!

I started working at our local community college last summer. I really enjoy it. Fun people and so full of energy all the time. Well, this week, we’ve been registering all the high school students in the area – by the busloads! My job mainly is setting up and tearing down things. Part of this detail involves the after lunch clean up. We serve pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. Which means leftover pizza. I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to pizza. I know I’ve put on some weight this week. I’m really afraid to step on the scale!! Thank goodness we are nearly done!! It’s torture!

Ok, so this happened to me last night. I thought I was losing my mind. Which happens more and more lately.

I made some hamburgers for dinner. Earlier, I had pulled some buns out of the freezer to thaw. So my burger was cooked and ready to be bunned. But no buns in sight.

Did I put them back in the freezer? No.
In the fridge? Not there.
I checked all the cabinets. Even the trash. Nope.
Where did I put them?
I thought to myself, I’m probably looking right at them and just don’t see them. (I do that a lot.)

I glance into the living room and see a torn-to-shreds wrapper and not one bun. The dog had eaten the whole pack!! No wonder she wasn’t hungry for dinner.

So I ate my bun-less burger which is better for me anyway. Darn it.

Have a wonderful week. See you soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


I’d like to say that I’m back for good. But let’s not go that far.

Once again, I’m trying to find a new normal. One that includes making art.

I take a sketchbook to work everyday. It usually takes me a week to finish one sketch. And 99% of the time, it’s crap. But this is one that I like.

Working with a pen can be so calming. I’ve needed this.

So, friends, hello and I hope to be back again soon.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

sunday sketches :: summertime

I would say this is a self-portrait but I don’t get out in the sun so much anymore. Not after a scare last summer.

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my lip. I just thought it was a zit that wouldn’t go away! It took about 12 stitches and there’s a scar from my nose to the top of my lip. So in order to avoid more scars – I’m staying out of the sun!

Just give me a foo foo drink and I’ll stay indoors!

My first week at the new job went really well. In the summer, we work four 10-hour days. I love Fridays off but those long days are killer. I miss my afternoon naps. And real shoes hurt my feet. No more sandals or bare feet. They really frown on that!

Sharing this week at Sunday Sketches.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

scribble picnic :: melon

…and Happy 4th of July!!

Some of you might remember this drawing from last year. I submitted it to Kathy Temean’s blog. She had put out a request for 4th of July-themed drawings. I saw on her blog today that she has done the same…so you’ll see my drawing there again!

Just so happens that melon is the theme this week at Scribble Picnic. So if you don’t mind, I’ll share my summer-y melon drawing again.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

scribble picnic :: fox

Fox is the theme this week at Scribble Picnic. Thanks to Michael for hosting.

Here is Mrs. Fox all dressed up for date night with Mr. Fox.

Please take a look at others who joined the challenge this week and see how they interpreted the theme. Next week’s theme is “Watermelon” if you want to start working on something and join us!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

sunday sketches :: puppy practice

This week for Sunday Sketches, I’ll share some sketches I’ve been working on. I wrote a story about a cute dog, so naturally, I used my dog as the inspiration for this sweet pup!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

scribble picnic :: bird

Bird is the theme this week at Scribble Picnic. Thanks to Michael for hosting.

I signed up for a Pen & Ink class at our local wellness center for the month of June and “bird” just happened to be the theme for our class, too!

Give me a pen and a “Fixer Upper” marathon on TV and I’m content for hours!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

sunday sketches :: lily on the bookshelf

“Well, now. How do I get down?” That’s what is going through this little troublemaker’s mind!

I’ve been making more and more time to sketch and paint lately. It feels good.

Mostly I have to study the weather and plan when I can mow the grass. It grows so darn fast! I have to work around rain and extreme heat. Who knew it would be such a challenge!

I’m 58 and never had to cut my own grass. In my defense, I grew up with 4 brothers and that was their job. Later on, I lived in a series of apartments and townhouses where the yard work was part of the rent. Then when I married, that was something that Bob enjoyed doing. But now…it’s my job. My dad came to visit and taught me how to do it. I do believe I’ve lost a little weight. It can be a good workout!

This week, the string on the trimmer/edger ran out so I had to figure how to get it working again. I watched a video, refilled the cartridge and was back to work in no time! What did we do before YouTube?

I hope your weekend is good. Me? I plan to stay indoors today where it’s nice and cool. A good day to catch up on my fellow bloggers!

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

sunday sketches :: where’s lily

I haven’t done a Lily drawing in a while. She’s not a very good hider! A good sleeper, yes!!

Sharing my Lily painting on Sunday Sketches. Thanks to Alexandra for hosting!