Sunday, June 11, 2017

sunday sketches :: lily on the bookshelf

“Well, now. How do I get down?” That’s what is going through this little troublemaker’s mind!

I’ve been making more and more time to sketch and paint lately. It feels good.

Mostly I have to study the weather and plan when I can mow the grass. It grows so darn fast! I have to work around rain and extreme heat. Who knew it would be such a challenge!

I’m 58 and never had to cut my own grass. In my defense, I grew up with 4 brothers and that was their job. Later on, I lived in a series of apartments and townhouses where the yard work was part of the rent. Then when I married, that was something that Bob enjoyed doing. But now…it’s my job. My dad came to visit and taught me how to do it. I do believe I’ve lost a little weight. It can be a good workout!

This week, the string on the trimmer/edger ran out so I had to figure how to get it working again. I watched a video, refilled the cartridge and was back to work in no time! What did we do before YouTube?

I hope your weekend is good. Me? I plan to stay indoors today where it’s nice and cool. A good day to catch up on my fellow bloggers!

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  1. So charming! Such a perfect book illustration-style work. I love it!

  2. Cute Lily! Good for you learning to mow the grass, you are coping well.

  3. Love your illustration. And, I am proud of you for taking on tasks you aren't used to and mastering them. Yes, YouTube helps but those people inside those videos never show up to actually do the work!!

  4. What a great sketch. Sure glad my dogs can't climb the bookshelves, or I'd be in trouble.

    I do all the yard work here, and it's fun from February til June. Then it's Satan's Sauna until October, and I swear every year I will move to Maine.

    1. So true about the hot hot weather!

      Love your castle painting this week, Paula!

  5. Lily looks so adorable and the bookshelf is beautiful. I'm glad you figured out how to re spool the trimmer.

  6. Cute illo. So glad you're back arting! :D

  7. adorable illustration! :)

    xoxo, rae

  8. we got rid of all of our grass lol I can't mow it and hubby is allergic. its a glorified weed anyway and would much rather have potted flowers

    glad to read you are drawing and learning how to do new things :)


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