Sunday, July 9, 2017

sunday sketches :: summertime

I would say this is a self-portrait but I don’t get out in the sun so much anymore. Not after a scare last summer.

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my lip. I just thought it was a zit that wouldn’t go away! It took about 12 stitches and there’s a scar from my nose to the top of my lip. So in order to avoid more scars – I’m staying out of the sun!

Just give me a foo foo drink and I’ll stay indoors!

My first week at the new job went really well. In the summer, we work four 10-hour days. I love Fridays off but those long days are killer. I miss my afternoon naps. And real shoes hurt my feet. No more sandals or bare feet. They really frown on that!

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  1. Great drawing. Sorry you had to go through surgery, but at least that is dealt with. All the best....ann

  2. Cute sketch, sorry it's not you, and about that scare.

  3. What a sweet illustration. I'm glad the surgery went well.

  4. I'll stay inside with you! (I'm a delicate snowflake when it comes to the sun!) Glad your first week went well, but sorry you have to give up naps (and wearing sandals!!!) ;)

  5. glad your new job is good :)

    I was badly burned on my back as a teenager and my back is covered with spots I need to keep on eye on. I had 2 pots/moles removed so far, one scar looks like I was stabbed in the back lol

  6. Beautiful those gorgeous uplifting! Hope you are all better now, take care of yourself!
    Happy Sunday Sketches
    Victoria ~12

  7. Your illustration is absolutely cute :) and I also would prefer the foo foo drink option instead of being fried in the sun.

  8. P.S. Best wishes for the new job!

  9. This is so cute. I love her flipflops. Very cute!! :)

  10. sweet drawing. she is quite adorable and I like the polka dot blanket.

    have a lovely day.


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