Sunday, April 22, 2018

my happy place

Some people go to a beach or a mountain when escaping to that happy place in their mind. Mine happens to be a bookstore. Usually the bargain bookrack in the corner!! Ahhh. It’s a wonderful little spot. Quiet and so relaxing! And full of half-priced art books ☺

This week has been such a mix. First, we had spring, then we had winter, then we had spring again. Now we are having a lovely rainy weekend. I think spring is here to stay. Lord, I hope so!

I started working at our local community college last summer. I really enjoy it. Fun people and so full of energy all the time. Well, this week, we’ve been registering all the high school students in the area – by the busloads! My job mainly is setting up and tearing down things. Part of this detail involves the after lunch clean up. We serve pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. Which means leftover pizza. I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to pizza. I know I’ve put on some weight this week. I’m really afraid to step on the scale!! Thank goodness we are nearly done!! It’s torture!

Ok, so this happened to me last night. I thought I was losing my mind. Which happens more and more lately.

I made some hamburgers for dinner. Earlier, I had pulled some buns out of the freezer to thaw. So my burger was cooked and ready to be bunned. But no buns in sight.

Did I put them back in the freezer? No.
In the fridge? Not there.
I checked all the cabinets. Even the trash. Nope.
Where did I put them?
I thought to myself, I’m probably looking right at them and just don’t see them. (I do that a lot.)

I glance into the living room and see a torn-to-shreds wrapper and not one bun. The dog had eaten the whole pack!! No wonder she wasn’t hungry for dinner.

So I ate my bun-less burger which is better for me anyway. Darn it.

Have a wonderful week. See you soon.


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