Wednesday, May 31, 2017

scribble picnic :: books

Books are the theme this week at Scribble Picnic. Thanks to Michael for hosting.

I’m slowly settling in to the new “normal” that is my life now that Bob is gone. I have good days and bad days. And that is normal.

Last week, I did some sketching for the first time in a long while. I’m trying to incorporate that back into my life.

Yesterday, I started cutting the grass. It was cloudy and cool. Then it started sprinkling. Then it started raining. So that was the end of my mowing for the day.

Instead I ended up indoors and decided to focus on the theme for this week. I settled down near my nightstand and sketched the books and knickknacks there. I always have several books in the queue. This little shelf is not really a bookshelf. I think it was meant to hold DVDs or something but it works perfect for books.

I decided to draw everything on the table so you can see all the little things that I need at bedtime: photo of Bob and my grandson on a hike, cherry flavored chapstick, box of Kleenex, cat dish for holding eyeglasses, tin of cough drops, melatonin gummies, current book and my hot pink Kindle.

Is there a book or two on your nightstand? Now I’m off to see other Books at the Scribble Picnic. Then out to finish the yard work!


  1. Sue,
    Just love your picture - I feel like you have shown us part of you. Sorry to hear about your loss. My sister's husband died 2 years ago and she hasn't been able to get on with things yet. He did everything - so it is a whole new learning curve for her. Not just the loss but being independent too.
    Glad you are back sketching because you do a beautiful job.
    Many blessings,

  2. This is a wonderful book sketch Sue, lovely how you have incorporated your memories! Stay strong at this difficult phase of your life.

  3. Thank you for your honest and lovely way of sharing your good and sad experiences now. You nightstand looks inviting, and I'm sure lots of memories. The picture is a sweet touch. Lovely sketch and the thoughts behind it. As a young girl I mowing our lawn barefoot and feeling the cool grass and smell of fresh cut lawn. That was years ago....but that memory came to me with your talking about getting back to the mowing.

  4. Just love your drawings and I am jealous! You have a PINK KINDLe. Yuck, mine is all black.

  5. Thanks for sharing this colorful peek into your life!
    Oh, yes, there are books on my nightstand–my Bible, a journal, a novel or two that I never seem to get to, and my phone (also hot pink!) with its Kindle app.

  6. I see a Harry Potter title there though I haven't read that book nor the other titles you have there though. I like the varieties of things you have here, they make a homely space for reading. quite a wonderful take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  7. Yes, wonderful reflections behind this piece with your words and seeing the knick knacks, everything, really helps bring one into the picture, making it feel like we are truly seeing your table sketched. I love the table tiles and the photo of Bob and grandson. So sweet. Again, I am so sorry for your own loss. I'm sure the feelings of loss and sadness comes and go as it does for me too. I am amazed in fact you did this, all thigns considered, but know that art too can be very therapeutic, taking ones eyes off everything else and onto the creative. GREAT job, Sue. Love it. Thank you so much for mustering up the strength to accomplish this lovely piece of art.

  8. I don't have anything on my nightstand but my lamp. Being very minimalistic, you know. I tend to keep any books on the bookshelf to pull out whenever needed

  9. I love your little corner full of books, essential items and memories. It is inviting! I'm so sorry to hear you lost your husband. My late hubby's name was Bob, too. It does take time to get the hang of being on your own. My husband took care of everything, and I've had a lot to learn, but my kids have helped a lot. Art is a very special way to add some pleasure to our alone time. I love the online art community. They are so supportive. That's important for an introvert like myself. Hugs to you!

  10. Wonderful sketch! (I also love that your Kindle is hot pink!) :D

  11. It can be so hard to continue on after losing your other half. I feel for you. My Mum still feels the loss even two years after my Dad's passing. Their lives revolved so much around each other.

    Good to see you sketching again. Lovely nightstand sketch! I tend to gather a few books on my bedside table too. I do love my books.

  12. This is so colorful and such a sweet tribute to your memories also. I think that's the perfect little book shelf.

  13. Lovely illustration of your night stand! So happy that you're sketching again, it must be so hard to suddenly lose your partner. Time will heal, but it'll be with ups and downs. Hope the ups will be more frequent from now on. Hugs xx

  14. This is so fun, Sue. Oh gosh, LOVE how it came out and your books shelved on the desk....even your tissue box! :)

  15. this is a very nice personal sketch, a small look into your life.

    I have about 9 books in various locations in the house to read lol

  16. This is such a colorful piece, full of interest - you've even made a tissue box look fun!
    Adding a family photo was a great idea.
    Mary -


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