Sunday, January 8, 2017

sunday sketches :: sweet lily

Finally getting back into the drawing routine. With Christmas and New Year, I just sort of checked out. My grandson came to visit the week after Christmas so I got caught up on board games, eating sweets and all the latest super hero movies!

Now it’s time to get back to work. I’ve been thinking of a story about the antics of my cat, Lily. She is a character! This one shows the sweet side of her. Not everything she does gets her into trouble!

At this stage, I’m deciding whether to finish it with watercolor? Or maybe a digital version? I’ll let you know what media wins out!

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  1. Cute! Look forward to the colorized version. I vote for old-school watercolors. But that's because I'm old, lol!

  2. Try both and see which one 'feels' right. I'm looking forward to her antics! ;)

  3. Oh I would love to have a grandma like you playing board games with me and eating sweets :)))) When I was young playing board games with my grandma was one of my greatest pleasures. I never again met somebody whith whom it was so much fun like I had with her. Your kitty chilling in the cushions looks so sweet. What do you think about trying both versions? Digital and watercolor coloring? Happy New Year to you!


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