Tuesday, September 20, 2016

creative tuesdays :: pattern

Pattern is the theme this week at Creative Tuesdays. Thanks again to Michael for hosting.

If you’ve been following my blog for any time at all, you might remember these faces. I decided to use some of them again to make a fun pattern of Hats.

I colored them in Photoshop. Then, used the Offset feature to make a repeating pattern.

It’s then that I noticed a few “pockets” of too much white, so I added a few more flowers here and there. Ta da….that’s my pattern!


  1. I love the whimsy of this and see you used the faces for the repetition. Novel! Very stylistic. Great job. Crisp too. Thanks for adding this to the variety, Sue. Good to see it coloured in too.

  2. Love your fabulous pattern, I can tell we all had fun with these!

  3. this is so adorable! I love how all the hats are so detail and elegant.

    have a lovely day.

  4. Great pattern! (Funny, I was thinking about a series of ladies wearing fancy decorated cakes as hats.... must be something in the air...lol)

  5. This is great, Sue! Clever to use the repeated pattern with your faces alone. I love it! Coloring looks wonderful, too. :)

  6. Dear Sue your ladies with the hats are delightful. Since I love hats if all sorts these were so fun for me. Isn't it sad that hats for the most part have gone by the way. Thanks for sharing. Also so glad you stopped to visit me too. Hugs!

  7. You have my loudest applause for this incredible fantastic pattern! I love all these lovely dressed ladies so much!


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