Thursday, July 21, 2016

learning español

Go ahead. Ask me anything in long as it has to do with numbers or colors. That’s all I know so far


  1. Donde esta la biblioteca¿ (are you REALLY taking a Spanish class...and if so....why????? Sounds like torture to me! :-/ )

    1. yes, it is torture! fortunately, it's not a college class or anything like that. just a beginning class at the community center. i don't think i could handle the pressure of graded homework right now! egad

  2. Good for you! I'd love to KNOW another language. I'm just too lazy to learn one! We have a lot of Spanish speaking folks in our town who come to my deli to get lunch. We have fun signing and guessing. :) I've thought of learning a few words to help them out, but they're picking up a few themselves. I have a problem with memorization! Good luck!


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