Sunday, June 19, 2016

sunday sketches :: flowers

For today’s Sunday Sketches, I did a painting of some of the flowers I got at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. Usually, I’m drawn toward bright yellow flowers but the phlox caught my eye this week. And the gladiolus is lovely, too.

I picked up some goodies to eat, too. Strawberries are nearly gone here but I did find some. Now it’s raspberry and blueberry season here! Yum!!


  1. What beautiful flowers! It looks like a lovely bouquet.

  2. I always love yellow flowers too, but the aqua combined with the flower colors is very pretty. Looks like a greeting card.

  3. Oh, me...I LOVE the little bit of white you put into your wee flowers. That is such a lovely touch. Your color palette is heavenly. I think they are wonderful. Such a sweet watercolor this week. genie

  4. Beautiful flowers you painted anf fun times!

  5. Beautiful bouquet! ♥♥♥♥

  6. Hello Sue,
    Thank you for adding your thoughts on paper to my blog post:)

    Beautiful flower painting and I really like the crisp lines against the cheerful colors.


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