Sunday, March 27, 2016

picture with grandma

I got the idea for this while browsing through old family photos. It was always an Easter tradition to:

a. Get a new Easter dress (or suit for my brothers),
b. Pose for countless photos in our new clothes,
c. Go to church, then to Grandma’s for ham and a big lunch,
d. And, finally, hide eggs with my brothers, sisters and cousins.

Now, we are all spread out over several states. My “little girl” is in her early 30s and my grandkids are too old to hide eggs anymore.

So, if you are lucky enough to have family nearby and little kiddos to hide eggs with…enjoy the day!

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  1. wonderful sketch and precious memories, sigh!

  2. What a wonderful sketch! I remember my childhood Easters which sounds just like what you wrote. This sketch is so darn cute! Happy Sunday Sketching - and happy Easter.

  3. I really like your style and bright colors. Your tradition reminded me of mine as a child. New dress (and hat), photos and the "hunt" for small Easter treasures. My son is grown as well, but so fun continuing the Easter egg hunt when he was little.

  4. Awww, what a darling image! So sweet and cute!

  5. Great illo and wonderful memories! (Now it's just another Sunday...)

  6. It's a lovely idea to browse through old family photos for collecting ideas. Your sketch is wonderful and brings memories to life.

  7. I not only adore your illustrations I love the bright colors you use. Talk about happiness spilling out everywhere! Love it. :)


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