Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A month or so ago, I signed up for a class of Sketchbook Skool (Expressing). I made it through the first two weeks/assignments before life got in the way. Plus…I had to make 29 Faces in February. It’s a tradition ☺

One assignment was an infographic. This one was fun. I guess because I used to do so many infographics at my old job, that it was fun to do one for myself! However, for work, they were all done in Illustrator…not by hand.

This was done only in ink. No pencil. This is why I ran out of room before I got to the last item in the list! Oh, well. I was so close!!


  1. Oh I love this nightstand infographic! I have similar things on mine and I always thought I'm the only one in the world keeping things like an iphone charger, more than one book and junk in bowl on a nightstand. It's so funny!

  2. I think we can all relate to the 'stuff' on our nightstands! lol (I can relate to the Tums!)

  3. Great infographic of your nightstand :-)


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