Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy valentine’s day!

May day so far:
  • Slept in a bit.
  • Got a good morning lick on the face from the cat…the food bowl was “almost” empty. This means my sleeping later was not going to happen.
  • We’re celebrating Dobby’s (the dog) third birthday!
  • My sweetie got me something better than chocolate … a book I’ve been wanting. I love that he knows I would prefer a children’s book to just about any other book ☺
  • And last, here’s a sample of some cards I made and sent to my grandkids, daughter, mom and sisters. I hope they think it’s better than getting chocolate.

Haha … who am I kidding!


  1. Oh this is such a happy card and such happy colors! For me it's really much better than getting chocolate :)

  2. Great card(s)! I'm sure they liked it better than chocolate! (Happy Birthday Dobby!)


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