Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ever have one of those days?

This is how my week is going. How is yours?

I always get TONS of ideas once I crawl into bed….sigh.


  1. This does happen from time to time

  2. LOL, I completely understand! I do it too.

  3. Ha yes that seems familiar! I also get ideas during yoga class and meditations so I've started writing them down as soon as I can so I don't forget when I'm actually ready to start a new painting!

  4. The ideas always flow when I'm somewhere that I can't do anything about it. And, of course, I never have a piece of paper to write them down! The middle of the night is another popular time for inspiration to hit. :) But at least you drew a picture about not knowing what to draw! That's something!

  5. Just yesterday I was thinking about using a small notebook to always have by my side to write down everything I want to do at those moments that I can't do it. Because the moments I can do it .... yep: "what should I draw/do?" Very recognizable :-)

  6. I can typically find something (s) to draw but seldom have time. Time is MY main problem. Guess I should just MAKE the time!
    Love your little sketches & cartoons!
    Grandma Nancy in central IL


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