Wednesday, November 4, 2015

birthday cards

I’ve been trying to create my own birthday cards for family members.

It’s easy to take a flowery doodle and put it on a gelli print like this:

Or draw what you would have baked…if you weren’t miles apart:

Or just remove the label from a funky beer bottle for someone who likes a beer or two on their birthday ☺


  1. Good card ideas! That gelli print stuff is all quite mysterious to me. ;)

    1. I've seen some really cool effects done with gelli prints. I'm still a newbie so just in the experimental stage :)

  2. Your cards are definitely inspiring! I usually lack ideas so I will bookmark them for when I feel creative but need some stimulation in my brainstorming.

  3. Very cool cards! LOVE the bloom one! ♥♥♥♥

  4. This is such a super cool and clever idea! I love all of them!


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