Wednesday, October 14, 2015

nose potion

About a month ago, I fell down while walking the dog. I landed on my sore knee…the one I had surgery on earlier this year. It hurt so bad!! Of course, it had to be THAT knee and not the other.

The following day, it was looking really icky so I sent a text to my daughter…who is a nurse.

Me: I fell down and skinned my knee. I think I got all the gravelly bits out. It hurts like hell.
Daughter: Are you putting antibiotic ointment on it?
Me: I’ve been pitting nose potion on it
Daughter: I don’t think that will help
Me: Neo spor in. damn autocorrect

So now, we call Neosporin “Nose Potion”…the magic ointment! It works on knees and noses!


  1. Autocorrect is hilarious! The boys and I have some very amusing conversations! :)

  2. Gadgets are SO smart, aren't they? Hope that knee heals up quickly! Nice sketch!

  3. A friend of mine texted me that he was putting noes potion on his puppy's cut. I googled noes potion to see what it was and got to your wonderful site. NEOSPORIN!! Funny. Thank you for clearing that up! (-:


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