Tuesday, October 20, 2015

inktober catch up

I got behind a little with my inktober posts.

I’ve been working on another sketch (not finished yet) but I was using roses as a background, so did a few practice doodles.

On a side note…

Does anyone use Pinterest? I’m not as addicted as some people but I do find it a useful tool for organizing sites that I like.

I stumbled upon one the other day that sounded interesting: “200 things to throw away today” and I thought, Ok, I could use some decluttering. Who couldn’t?

1. Old product boxes (Apple products, TV, etc.) I’m thinking what? Perfectly good storage boxes?
2. Hangers from dry cleaners. I don’t own any dry cleaning clothes…so check that one off.
3. Plastic hangers from the store. But what will I use??
4. Magazines. Why? Perfectly good collage material in the trash?
5. Ugly undergarments. Ok, well, I might have a few.
6. Book you’re never read or will never read again. I can’t let them go. They’re my friends!

I quit reading after this one. The list was making me uncomfortable!!

Now, before you start thinking that you’ll see me on one of those Hoarding shows on TV, no. I’m not that bad. I limit my crazy to one closet in my studio. It’s sort of like Monica’s closet on Friends. The door that you never want to open!! It’s a bit crowded but always room for one more thing ☺


  1. I agree with every one! Throw away BOOKS? Sacrilege! :-/

    1. I know, right?? That's a horrible thought!


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