Thursday, September 17, 2015

ink face

I’ve been gone for a while…did anyone notice? ☺

I was on vacation. It was really relaxing. Lots of eating and drinking and reading and just being a tourist.

I took a sketchbook…but didn’t really draw much. Too many other things to see and do.

I’m slowly going through all the pictures I took. I’ll post some at my photo blog if you’re interested.

For now…another ink face. This fellow looks like he’s in a dark place, doesn’t he?? !!


  1. Yes, I noticed .. :-)
    Love your ink drawings! Such a character....

  2. Glad you had a lovely holiday - it sounds perfect. When I first looked at this sketch I thought of Edgar Allan Poe so just googled him and saw that actually he doesn't look like him at all but still there is something that makes me think of him - the eyes I think. I like him but yes, he does look rather sinister and mysterious!

    1. I'm with you on the Edgar Allan Poe Nic...Sue has captured something without knowing it :-)

  3. I noticed!...Glad you had a relaxing time, that's what holidays are all about. Didn't realise you had a photo blog!!! now following :-)

  4. Love the face! I love cross-hatching, but mine never looks right. I probably just need to loosen up! Glad you had a relaxing vacation. :)

  5. Wow,this is really cool! What a fabulous style of line work you have. Love it! Glad you had a nice vacation. We all need them now and then... more often if you can help it. :)

  6. Yes of course did I notice your absence and I assumed you went back to Hawaii ;) It was a wonderful suprise to find out that you went to Vienna. I have been there as well and enjoyed it as much as you did. Your drawing looks great. It reminds me of old black and white films e.g. Miss Marple. I love these films.


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