Friday, June 12, 2015

icads june 5 thru 11

I submit this week’s ICADs:

Here is a selection of things I ate this week.

These were actually too sour to eat very many!

From the Farmer’s Market

More Farmer’s Market goodies

I love these little packets

My new favorite dessert

Afternoon pick-me-up!

Traditional Thursday night dinner

Happy Paint Party Friday.


  1. Great cards, you had a yummy week! Valerie

  2. What yummy food, painted in such vibrant colors! The cucumbers look especially wonderful.

  3. Hmm, getting quite a few cravings when I see all of this .... ;-) Love your colourful backgrounds!

  4. Love your delicious paintings! Nothing better than fresh veggies from the Farmers Market! Oh and I found the Outshine frozen goodies too. My favorite is the coconut with milk pops! Great job on all, now I am hungry. Happy PPF! Hugs, Rasz #69

  5. Wow I LOVE all of these... you should join summer of color with the cucumber and the grapes!! Oh and you must be in the states with those mango popsicles.... I want one... they must be soooo good!! Gorgeous work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Love all the food art! Makes me drool as it is almost dinner time. Thanks for the lovely comment on the PPF page. I was not able to attend the party this week.

  7. These I-cads are all so so sweet!!! I love the colors and how you have combined the backgrounds with the fruits and the food! It's phantastic food-art!


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