Friday, March 6, 2015

D is for …

Delphinium … I love all the variety of colors!

Dahlia … this flower is so dramatic!

Dobby’s toys … what?
I snuck a sketch in on you! Just doodled some of the many toys that dog has!! It’s like having a kid in the house again. Every night, I go room by room and pick up her toys!!

Happy Paint Party Friday!!


  1. Wonderful paintings and happy, happy colours! Valerie

  2. Your delphinium watercolour is so dramatic, I love the way you have shown the one big flowerhead.
    Your painting of Dobby's toys is very amusing and equally colourful.

  3. Your flower paintings are beautiful. Lots of energy yet you have captured the delicacy as well.

  4. Dobby's toys! LOL The names are the BEST! ;)

  5. Love your paintings. I am going to learn to work with water color more this year. You inspire me.

  6. Such happy colourful and fun!! It's so fun having an animal around, but a lot of work. I used to hide my dogs toys otherwise he would nag me to death to play fetch. He always found them and barked until we played!! Great memory!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. You know how I love your flowers -
    Wish my dog had a Bubba Gump shrimp to play with! - cool toy!

  8. our dog had an obscene number of toys also... and I love the delphinium... great colours... xx


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