Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A is for …

This happens to me every March. It’s a toss up of being tired of making faces every day for a month and being pumped up from making faces every day for a month! I’m always like “what’s next?” Crazy, right?

And then, there’s winter. I’m always so ready to be rid of cold weather. I am NOT a cold weather person. Not at all.

It gets me dreaming of springtime and WARM weather. So, this month I think I’ll concentrate on drawing flowers. That ought to perk me up!

I did a series of flower drawings a couple years ago. One of my favorite things to draw!

Over the weekend, I gathered up old photos, outdated calendars and last years’ seed catalogs. I’m a list maker so I wrote down flowers I wanted to draw. And because I have to have order in my life, I’m drawing from A to Z.

Here are a couple of “A” flowers.


  1. Love your flowers! Makes me want to get into watercolour painting :)

  2. Oh! I'm going to LOVE this month! ♥♥♥♥


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