Saturday, February 14, 2015

face #14 and a valentine birthday

I just realized I did almost a whole week of just man faces. So here’s one for the ladies.

And now I realize why I haven’t drawn too many women.

First of all, I suck at profiles! Secondly, all those curls are intimidating for me to draw. Oh, well. That’s part of the challenge, right!?

Today, a little extra. When we got our dog last year, they told us she was probably born in February so we decided that February 14 (Valentine’s Day) would be a good birthday for her.

Here are a couple of doodles about Dobby. She got some new toys to play with.

My favorite is this monkey. It has a fairly quiet squeaker. A very important feature on dog toys!!

A ladybug Frisbee.

Dobby’s favorite is this owl. The story behind this drawing:

Her toy was lying on the floor by the back door. She kept whining to go outside, then inside, then outside, then inside … you get the gist.

It was only after about the 10th time that I noticed the reflection of the toy in the window. She kept going outside to get the “other” toy. She would go outside and look for the owl. Then come back inside, see the reflection, go outside to look. Confused look, then back inside.

She’s not the brightest dog. But so loveable ☺


  1. I think she is beautiful - your profile and curls are right on!!

    Sweet little Dobby story - made me chuckle - we love our dogs!

  2. I feel your pain with profiles...... Love the monkey toy! And the Dobby story is adorable too!

  3. oh haha, so cute that dog :-D Love your woman faces as well, the curls look great!


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