Thursday, November 20, 2014


I just got back from a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Here are some sketches I made. Can you guess where I went?

I tried some new foods. Lots of seafood plus these two things I’d never tasted.

I drew IN PUBLIC….gasp! And guess what? No one stared at me or bothered me at all. It was so relaxing.

I did have trouble drawing people though. Every time I would start to draw someone, they would pack up and leave. I’m not sure if I was freaking them out (by staring) or if it was just time to go…

This is probably the only image of someone I actually completed!!

This is one of the people who left. I had to be quick on the draw!! Fortunately, the lava rocks did not move. I drew them for a long time. This is a hint about where I went!

This is another good hint. The base of this grass house is lava rock. It is really large…I would say you could fit about 100 people inside to keep cool in the shade.

As I was drawing it, a group of school children showed up for a field trip. We never had field trips like this when I was in school!!

Straight out from the grass house towards the water, this was the view. It is an old fish pond built of lava rock.

To the left of the fish pond, there was a crumbling wall of lava. It was “kapu” … or forbidden to climb on.

My last sketch is of a little “bug” made of coconut fronds. This was my prize for pronouncing “Pu’uhonua O Honaunau” correctly! The park ranger was a good instructor!!

Did you guess the big island of Hawaii?? Ding Ding…if so, you are correct!

We also went up to the volcano one day. I didn’t get in any sketching though. It was very foggy and rainy most of that day. We didn’t drive out to the lava flows. There’s something about watching lava destroying people’s homes that is NOT on my list of things to do on a vacation.

I enjoyed the warm sun, pool, several beaches, seafood and local beer. I came home 5 pounds heavier (not good)…but it was great to have one more week of summer before coming home to cold, snowy weather. Ugh!


  1. You lucky duck! Hope you got enough sun to last you through the long winter! ;)

  2. So happy you had a great vacation - your pics are amazing as always - Love the little bug - cute!

  3. oh, that sounds and looks amazing.... Something to remember when you're in the cold ... Love your sketches, such a beautiful way to document your holiday.

  4. Oh, how wonderful! I can see from your beautiful sketches that you must have enjoyed Hawaii so much! Apologize if I am a little envious now because when you spent your time at the beach I have spent my time in the dentist's chair. But I enjoy it so much looking at your illustrations. They are vacation for my eyes :)


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